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We deliver a multidisciplinary development programme to inspire innovation and creative thinking:
Talent is universal
Creativity is intelligence having fun
Educate and Empower

About Us

Shake Culture Works is inspired by the belief that the desire to learn and create is one of the most human qualities there is; and nobody should be excluded.

By developing talent, we lever social and cultural change.

Talent is Universal

The creative impulse knows no class boundaries. Talent is Universal, but opportunities are not. Talent development is a key factor for social and cultural change.

Intelligence Having Fun

Culture should be about genuine creative expression by all, regardless of economic, social and education background.

Educate & Empower

We offer first-hand creative training and encourage creative involvement in communities as organisers, practitioners and audiences.

Our Projects

Our cultural engagement programme uses the arts for engagement and offers first-hand experience on creative involvement as audiences, practitioners and organisers.


Play Local

Play Local sessions bring children and adults together with artists, makers and technologists to test and explore challenging ideas and concepts in one-off events.

This is your chance to try things like animation, gaming, textile design, dance, theatre and graphic design.

Pop-up University

The pop-up University Programme brings special interest groups together with academics and artists to inspire and get people thinking about their position in society.

We invite researchers to give short 20 minutes presentations. After the presentations participants work with one of our associate artists to ‘translate’ what they have learned from the academic concepts into everyday experiences.

This project helps communities have an informed voice on issues that concern them. We think there is an emotional divide between the achievement spirit experienced in universities and the experiences of everyday people. Through this process, we hope to bring the ‘everyday’ into academia and empower participants by providing academic perspectives on everyday life in local communities.


Explorer of your World

This is an intensive 12 week programme of 2-hours weekly sessions led by an associate artist. The programme is available to both corporate clients and special interest groups.

Using mind mapping and visual techniques the group translates action plans into objects that can be used as reminders of life-changes and recovery journeys. After the sessions participants have the opportunity to follow a training programme and become associate artists in the Pop-up University programme.

We think this project is key to fostering local creative growth and promoting regional equity. This project works to power individual creative confidence, greater innovation and full participation in cultural life.


Proud of what you are and proud of what you can become.

Shake Culture Works hopes to grow a network of engaged artists, makers and technologists. Together we hope to inspire change.

Sonia Vidal

I am the founder and development director of Shake Culture Works. I have fifteen years experience in cultural management, theatre and arts development. I love creating opportunities for people to express themselves and making culture fun and accessible to everyone. If the person benefits, the city benefits.

Lyneth Howells

I studied at Cardiff University and Goldsmiths, London. I am an experienced illustrator who enjoys working with people of all age groups.I enjoy helping people find and express emotions using digital, craft and mixed media.

Sue Hoffman

I am a painter, printmaker and textile designer. I like work that is colourful and quirky. My personal passion is working with people who have no voice within society.

Tom Barnett

I am a computer graphics artist with a background in visual art. I practised as a sculptor for eighteen years devising performance spectacles and installations, working on commissions, undertaking residencies and exhibiting. I now work in animation, devising short films for a variety of outlets.

Alice Hume

I am a textile artist who graduated from Winchester School of Art with a degree in Textile Design: Woven Textiles. I’ve studied in Sweden and exhibited in Edinburgh and London. I have a passion for handcrafting in an increasingly mechanised world.

Dean Dolman

Hailing from Plymouth, my interest is in working in recovery, mental health and equal opportunities settings. I am an illustrator working with traditional techniques, such as pencil, graphite, watercolour and acrylic. I am passionate about giving people space and time to develop their talent.

Get Involved

Interested in partnering with Shake Culture Works?

Shake Culture Works is inviting a wider membership of individuals and organisations to collaborate. Use our contact form to register your interest as:

Associate Artist Membership

As one of our associate artists you will develop your own practice through the arts engagement programme in communities and corporate settings.
Fill in in the contact form to sign-up and  member

Corporate Membership

Foster problem solving and creative thinking in your team… Smile and Have fun!
You can sign up your employees and their families to one of our projects at a venue that suits you.
The on-site programme can help you build company, reduce burnout, retain talent, promote team bonding, ultimately reducing turnover rates.
Fill in in the contact form to book.

Researchers and Academics Membership

The research team is responsible for delivering the Pop-up University project.
As a member, you can deliver presentations in community settings and inspire a creative response to your work.


It is a year since we set up Shake Culture Works as a Community Interest Company. We are very proud of …


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